About Mandasaru

Surrounded by dense tropical moist deciduous forest, the Mandasaru Gorge ecosystem located in the eastern part of Kandhamal District of Odisha is one of the last kept secret wildernesses of India. It is considered the Silent Valley of Odisha due to its frequent weather changes, mesmerizing beauty and rich biodiversity. This 15 kms. stretch is guarded by 22 hills positioned one after another with the Saashimaha Manda Hill recording the highest peak at 3280 feet above sea level.

The Mandasaru Gorge is locally known as Gdang Kutti and houses six waterfalls of which two are perennial and rest are non-perennial. Water from the four falls – Beingumaha, Kaadigdapa, Prisibrunda and Keragaadu forms the Naputimaha perennial stream which flows down the gorge and the forest to finally meet one of the tributaries of Rusikulya.

The accommodation Mandasaru Valley Nature Camp is located at the hilltop with a panoramic view of the Mandasaru Gorge. There are two watch towers, a childrens’ park, a plantation, a dining hall, four cottages, a watch tower room and even a grotto within the resort area.

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