Animal and Bird life of Mandasaru Gorge

This landscape is home to leopards, wild boars, Sambars, Mouse Deer, Barking Deer, Grey Wolf, Porcupines and seven species of volant mammals like Indian Flying Fox, Asiatic Greater Yellow House Bat, Greater Short-nosed Fruit Bat, Blyth’s Horseshoe Bat, Kelaart’s Leaf-Nosed Bat, Indian Pygmy Bat and Greater False Vampire Bat. The adjacent agro-ecosystems also grant suitable habitat for burrowing mammals like rats, mice and shrews including the smallest terrestral mammal – the Pygmy Shrew. Close canopies and fruit-bearing trees like jack fruit and mango inside the gorge creates a conducive environment for the aboreal mammals like Giant Squirrels, Shrews and Rhesus Macaques. The gorge also provide feeding and foraging ground for small clawed otters and Smooth Coated Otters.

The avifaunal diversity of Mandasaru Gorge is also fairly interesting. Majority of birds found in and around the gorge are resident and only few migratory ones have been noticed. In total 150 species of birds have been recorded in the gorge and they have been categorized into seven categories – Frugivorous, Insectivorous, Nectar Feeders, Granivorous, Nocturnal, Predatory and Piscivorous. Mandasaru is heaven for Nectar Feeder birds like the various species of sun birds and Insectivorous birds like the numerous species of Flycatchers. Some important members of the Frugivorous category found in the gorge are Hornbills, Green Pigeons, Barbets, Parakeets and Bulbuls. Among the nocturnal members are five species of owls, two species of owlets, two species of nightjars and the illusive black crowned night herone. The Granivorous list of birds include Doves, Francolins, Sparrows and Quails. The Piscivorous or fish-eating birds commonly found in this area are Commorants, Herons and Kingfishers. The list of Predatory birds largely spotted in and around the gorge area include members like Black Baza, Black Eagle, Crested Serpent Eagle, Short Toed Snake Eagle etc.

The list of terrestrial, aquatic, arboreal and cave dwelling fauna harboured by Mandasaru Gorge is as follows:

  • 30 special of mammals
  • 150 species of birds
  • 30 species of reptiles
  • 14 species of amphibians
  • 12 species fishes
  • 148 species of butterflies
  • 02 species of crabs
  • 20 identified species of spiders
  • 20 species of Odonates (dragonflies and damselflies)
  • 04 species of beetles